It is not a word, nor a single action.
                                In truth, it can never be wrong
                          like the sunrise, perfect in every possible way.
                              It is many things and yet it must exist
                                 in the small space of the heart.
                        Once found it can bloom endlessly, with no cease.
                          It can choke one's throat, bring one to tears...
                           but it never hides in shadows or in darkness
                                 it never feeds itself on deception.
                          It grows with trust, honesty and compassion.
                                   Nothing less, always more.
                           This Page will contain Poetry or Song Lyrics, Quotes, etc.
                        They won't necessarily be about Love. But they will always be
                          meaningful in my life, or the lives of one of my friends or
                            family members. If you have a poem, song, quote, or
                         original work that is special to you would like to see
                        on these pages, feel free to email them to me. Please remember to
                         leave our name so that we know who to credit for the donation.
                      Please note that I do not claim to be the author of this work,
                        it is done by a very talented poet whose web page is linked
                           through her name. I stumbled across this and many more  at :
                             Love Quotes which is a GREAT Site and I highly recommend
visiting it

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